Friday, 30 May 2008

A general update

The weather is turning out to be much as promised.

A wetter, but warmer summer than last year. This is no bad thing, I think, as there will certainly be no hosepipe ban, and water is "good for the garden".

However, I do have that waterlogging problem ...

But I was thinking, as I did my normal evening round of the garden last night, that perhaps all this rain will help me to deal with the problem on the left, of the solid, solid ground (a pickaxe??). The ground will hopefully be more workable, and if I can dig something in whilst the soil is wet now, rather that waiting for the autumn and for everything to die back, well, that can only be a good thing.

My research continues. Do I add sand? But that seems contradictory to me, as wet sand holds a lot of moisture. Sharp, or gritty sand, however, seems to be an option.

I think I may need to get some worms, as well. I wasn't sure, but now I am seriously considering it.

All that being said, as I was standing out there again tonight, I have to admit - it's beautiful.

I am reminded that last year, it looked like this.

And now I have this

And this

And this

And it all makes me very, very happy.

Another weekend looms - what will I accomplish this time?

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