Sunday, 11 May 2008

Can't Complain

I'm getting a bit blase about this weather now. Two fine, sunny weekends in a row? Wearing sandals all week and showing off my newly-painted toenails because the weather was so fine? More of the same in the days ahead?? Ho hum, another day in the garden ...

Ha! As if. I took full advantage, but for the majority of time, I ended up savouring the beauty of it all, rather than working myself sore again.

After some early shopping yesterday, I attacked the ever-growing weeds in the left border (again). A constant chore, but I learned something about the soil.

Not good. Hard as a rock, actually. I'm not sure what happened there. Thankfully the plants planted last year are fine, if not thriving (and the Lady's Mantle has trebled in size, so no worries there!).

I am, however, concerned about the plants I put down before the snow, if you remember - the poppies, dahlias, lupins, crocosmias and phlox.

Thankfully, whilst being down and dirty, if you will, getting right down in there on my hands and knees to weed, I discovered that at least, the Dahlias are coming up (the red one is tucked away behind the Euphorbia so I didn't notice). Phew! I think I saw a sign of one of the several crocosmia bulbs coming up as well today when I was poking about, so perhaps all of that will be well. Those lupins, though, and the poppies - I'm desperate for those! The garden centre is chokka with herbaceous perennials at the moment so it's very tempting to throw up my hands and throw money at the situation. I will try to be patient for another week. I did, also, add in a lovely red Verbena on this side. Next to the pink of the rose, and the vibrant greeny-yellow of the Euphorbia (with a brilliant red Dahlia, hopefully, behind), should be fantastic. Very Christopher Lloyd colour scheme!

I know the Verbena now - I went from this last year, to this now with the purple verbena in the right border! Very exciting plant.

I fear the problem on the left is drainage. As mentioned, that border gets no sun from October to April. I noticed after the snow melted, water was almost just sitting on top. I believe I shall have some serious work to do to improve drainage come the autumn.

But the vegetable border! Not only are the onions seriously sprouting now, but after just a week, the lettuce is starting to come up!

Also, in the herb patch, those bulbs I planted - oh, those alliums. I love the purple puff-ball that is the allium. I have always wanted to have a profusion of them - and now I do (check that purple verbena from another angle - cool).

And then there is the other bulb, the one I can't remember the name of and didn't (kicking myself) save the label for. What a special thing it is! It is all protected in this paper envelope, and then it does this. White flowers, I believe. Can't wait until they open!

The last exciting thing I shall share - the potatoes are sprouting. Yes, let me just say that again: the potatoes are sprouting! I don't know why I should be surprised, after all I can grow flowers and shrubs, why not vegetables? Having only ever tried my hand at tomatoes and lettuce before, I am over the moon. My potatoes are sprouting!

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