Thursday, 22 May 2008

Back on track

At least, I hope so. Honestly, you turn your back on the garden for one little weekend and suddenly there are a million things to do.

The grass is a mile high and needs a serious cut; being so long, it will take some hard work, but needs must. It's only been three weeks since the first cut of the year!

The strawberry plants I purchased two weeks ago need planting in the hanging basket I also bought. More on that later.

General weeding, of course, including careful weeding around the massively sprouting onions (they don't like to be disturbed too much, apparently. So I won't).

Earthing up the rapidly growing potatoes.

Putting down the beans - at this point I may just buy some plants rather than putting in the seeds, if I can find the kind of bean I want.

Putting two more tomato plants down, and staking all of them.

Probably buying some new plants for the left border, because some of those things I put down just ain't coming up. General propping up of plants there, too.

All of the above necessitates a trip to the garden centre with my trusty shopping trolley.

Thinning the lettuce, rocket and spinach seedlings.

The front. Ah, the front! I don't think I've mentioned it before. Come the weekend, with fingers crossed for fair weather, I must get out there and attack. It is in a bad, bad way.

Busy, busy weekend! Thankfully it's another one of those Bank Holiday weekends here in the UK, which means three glorious gardening days, I hope.

It's supposed to rain "heavily" tomorrow - I'm just poised in front of the BBC news to see the weather, as I only have the website to go on so far. If it rains, all well and good, as I would have watered the vegetable patch tonight otherwise. But I would like fair weather for the rest of it, over the weekend ...

More to come!

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