Friday, 9 May 2008

Cat Conflab

There is a newbie cat out there. He's really quite gorgeous, very fluffy. A real fluffbucket of a cat. He seems to need a bit of a wash, but what cat doesn't, especially this lot who just seem to love the outdoors.

So I came home from work, and opened the door for Ginger (cat flap still not in, although I am seriously re-thinking that giving the growing cat population back there). Hello, baby, I say. Then I spot the newbie. I mean, isn't he just lovely?

Ginger came in for his food, and I realise that right outside, is Bagpuss.

Meanwhile, Black&White is out there too, and communing with Newbie.

They were communing with each other, in full cat vocalness. And here is the result. It's a bit scratchy, and I'm not so good with the video mode of my camera, but I quite like it.

You can see that the fence there needs some serious work, and we are planning to replace the whole lot, soon. But in the meantime ...

Shortly afterwards, Big Ginger got in on the act.

There was more of the caterwaul, as they faced off a bit.

Bagpuss kept a respectable distance and just watched.

In the end, they all just had a bit of a lie down and watched each other.

It was beautiful!

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