Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hello and Apologies

Again. But since the word is out, I can tell you, looking for a new job is taking up a lot of mental energy and time. Not so much time that I haven't had a chance to garden - oh no, never that! But again the sharing is getting lost in the efforts of dealing with the world of work.

But let me start out by showing you the potatoes. Oh, my, goodness. Last you saw perhaps was something like this:

That was just a few weeks ago, when I was so excited that every plant had come up, even with the chunks of cement that may or may not be down in that soil.

But now, we have this:

A veritable mini-forest of potato plants. Well as you may have realised, in terms of certain vegetables, I am a novice. But this? I didn't expect them to be so big!

I believe that the previous weekend was eventful and fruitful, but I can hardly remember now. This weekend just gone was even more so - the weather was phenomenal and much was accomplished on both days.

One of the main things I did on Saturday was the purchase and partial filling of a Hippo Bag. This is a viable alternative to a skip, and saves at least £40, last time I checked on the prices for skips, about a year ago. You can purchase it from many DIY shops, and then you fill it in your own time, and call for collection as and when you like.

This is of course there to fill with all the stuff at the back!

But if you remember this, it is now "in the bag", as it were.

But still, once the borders are weeded, I find myself running out of little things to do ... no more planting is necessary until I attack the back, as I am pretty happy overall with the herb garden

the left border

and the vegetable patch.

More could have been done on Sunday, if we hadn't had a power cut that lasted all day, until about 8 pm. Otherwise I would have cut the grass, but by the time the power came back on (remember we have an electric mower) we had already fired up the barbeque, just in case they really meant in when they said it wouldn't come back on until 11 pm ... and a good time was had by all!

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