Friday, 16 May 2008

Thank you for your patience

I've had something of a week, in the real world away from the garden.

The one thing that has kept me sane, is coming home at the end of the day, and wandering out the back and checking.

The potatoes are all sprouting, every last one of them I put in. It is a beautiful thing.

The onions and shallots are going great guns with massive green coming out the top.

The lettuces, rocket and spinach are all coming up very nicely, and I will have to thin them out I believe, should the weekend weather allow, which hopefully looks like Sunday.

On the left - ah. Everything is about to go beautifully, wonderfully mad.

The roses are nearly there - the buds start a very dark pink, and develop into a mellow, light pink, unbelievably beautifully perfumed flower. The dark pink buds are developing.

The pinks are nearly ready to pop, at least two of the plants if not the third, which since I've owned it has only once flowered (I'm really trying to give it a chance. More on that later).

The Delphinium - had that one gorgeous flower last year, and has many, many more coming this year.

The blueberry has flowered, and should start producing fruit soon.

It's all, utterly, blissful. The fruits of my labour of love, at last showing what it's all about.

Thank goodness for that. If I could spend all my time in the garden, I would.

On top of everything else my computer crashed in the week, so I have lost (not lost, as I backed them up) temporarily my photographs. So more of those soon too.

Thanks for reading, and I promise a proper update soon.


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  2. I'm glad you're finding solace in your garden. I think we physically unwind when we wander around our plots in the evening or the early morning in a way that can't match any other form of relaxation. The Mohawks say that women gain their strength from the fields and gardens and maybe there's something in that.