Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Weekend and Recent Activity

I had one day of the last beautiful (weather-wise) weekend to do some work. But firstly, I finally went out and bought ourselves a sun lounger, so I didn't get out there as early as I wanted. But it was ever so popular with the feline population.

What I did do was get right down with the weeds, and pick them out by hand. No hoe-ing, but sitting on the soil and pulling them right out.

I was wondering why, in the patch that should have been most weed-free, where the tomatoes were last year, I had so much to pull out. Do you know what? There were plenty of tiny tomato plants that must have self-seeded last year. But they would do nothing to speak of, so they had to come out.

What was an absolute weed fest one week ago, is now clear.

All of that work took me an hour and a half. What is left is the spring onions, the purple sprouting broccoli at the back, the lettuces, and the tomatoes.

But this was bothering me very much.

Right by the shed. I thought I really should do something, especially what was encroaching on the vegetable patch.

Well, guess what? Yer man upstairs went to town today, and cleared that patch.

WOO HOO! The garden is nearly "finished"! It just remains to keep it clear of weeds.

When I arrived home from work, I discovered the clearage. And then he came back down in the evening, and had, what he so eloquently put, " a beer and a burn". Man and fire. Can't be beat, they love it.

And I say, why ever not?

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  1. CUUUUUUTE how the cats are enjoying the sun lounger!