Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Great Vegetable Plot

Well, as I recently mentioned, the vegetable plot has been greatly expanded this year.

This is back in January of this year, when just for fun I decided to deal with the weeds that were waist high (at least). I'm afraid it doesn't look quite as good as this right now, at least next to the shed. Where we have that 12 ft. plot (and it's about 10 ft down to the lawn) is, of course, fine thanks to my wonderful tiller, but next to the shed ... well, that will be dealt with in time. What the upstairs couple want is a swing for their little girl, which will be sweet. So I haven't touched that part of the garden at all. Hey, I've done enough digging elsewhere, right?

So in the newly expanded vegetable plot

I have planted the following:

7 Brussels sprouts

8 broccoli

10 cauliflower

5 tomatoes (Moneymaker, Alicante, Beefsteak, Gardener's Delight, Juliette)

9 purple sprouting broccoli

2 rows of lettuce

1 small row of spring onions


plus some lettuces in pots.

Very exciting.

It's hard to see from these pictures, but they are all there, in the ground. And twice to three times the size already, since planted! I will share some pictures soon of the growth.

Now, since I had ordered a bumper pack of veggie plug plants, I had to find some extra space (it's amazing how quickly one runs out of space - when you need two feet around each plant, it goes fast). So in two "patio planters" I have the potatoes, and also beetroot.

Okay, they're not massively attractive, but did I mention the credit crunch?

To round it all off, the raspberry I planted two years ago is bearing some fruit - not a bushel full by any means but it is yummy! And I've planted up a strawberry pot and have my fingers crossed for that, too.
Fingers crossed for everything!

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  1. This was some very ambitious planting you did this year -- please tell me the spiders and worms -- yech! -- didn't ruin everything and that you were able to enjoy much edible goodness from the garden you worked so hard on!