Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Tree Adventure

Pretty tree. The problem is (if you can see, it's not on our property), it creates a considerable amount of shade, and this year it is dropping more sap on the left border plants than I would like. Plus, too many branches overhang the shed. Considering that last year, this happened on windy spring day

a whacking great branch came down, narrowly missing the shed, more of those branches overhanging the shed is a bit of a worry. Just like that, it snapped off.

The man upstairs decided that today was a nice day to tackle the tree. So armed with his trusty ladder and a large hacksaw, he set to work.

Then he got up a bit higher.

And then, just to make me really nervous, a little higher.

My role in this adventure was much more grounded - he would throw a rope around a branch for me to hold while he cut, so that when it fell, I should give it a good pull and then it would not hit a fence panel or the shed roof.

I was only marginally successful in this, but the shed/fence/wood burner are, thankfully, intact, with but a few scratches on the shed roof.

Eventually our reciprocating electric saw came out, and the result is much less tree.

(Interesting, that, reciprocating saw - what is it reciprocating to?)

And I think someone is going to enjoy a good fire ...

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  1. Wow, what a scary tree with branches snapping off like that -- and what a scary project! Kudos to you and your neighbor caveman for getting that handled -- I'm sure he enjoyed fires for a long time to come after all those branches were down ;D