Friday, 26 June 2009

Cats and Water

It's quite extraordinary how cats will drink absolutely any old bit of water.

This is Ginger, and there is always a bowl of fresh water in the kitchen for him. But is he interested in that? No. He's finding liquid sustenance in a bucket full of old debris from the garden, which has filled up with rain.

He's not alone.

Little blackie was having a nice drink here, in a trug full of rain water several days old. Then he had company.

I even met a cat in Los Angeles (one of five very pampered cats in a very nice home), last time I was out there, where I was staying - and what was he doing?

1 comment:

  1. Ever so cute pictures of cats drinking from various water sources! You are just a natural at catching cats at what they do best: being cats -- on camera!

    We have a big bowl of always-fresh water, refilling it a few times a day, for the cat -- yet he very much prefers to drink from the bathtub. What's up with cats! They're silly!!