Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Summer Solstice!

And Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father, and all fathers across the world.

I'm afraid I accomplised very little today, but at least I can show you some pictures of the vegetable growth.

The potatoes. Oh my goodness. I hope they're not planted too closely together, but I am hoping for a bumper crop when I dump everything out come autumn. I'm glad I didn't take up space this year in the garden itself, but this is all just one big experiment, so we shall see! The strawberries are cute in their strawberry pot, but I've had one ripe one so far, which my husband said was absolutely delicious.

Runner bean, red. I'm assuming that means the flower, not the bean! Very pretty it is, too.

Lettuces (and cat), various including the cauliflower, sprouts and broccoli, and of course the tomatoes.

I did at least water today - a special watering, which I shall explain later, as the last time it rained (and rained mightily) was Monday. A few spots yesterday but nothing to speak of.

The day was very kind in the end - warm and sunny, enough so for my little sun-worshipper to get his fill.

Says it all, really - Happy Summer all!


  1. I love your runner bean poles. They look fascinating. Did you make them or can they be bought? Val

  2. Hi Val! Yes I bought them. I first saw them in my sister's garden who lives in France and searched in vain here in the UK. Finally found them this year at Aldi! I was so excited I bought two boxes, so had enough for the tomatoes and the beans. I would say they come from continental Europe as I believe Aldi is a German chain.

  3. The plants were looking good, but you know of my extreme adoration of cats, and I have to say that yes, Ginger lying there in the sun was the quintessinal photo of summer solstice.

    Excellent that you had a real summer this year -- you were overdue!