Sunday, 24 May 2009

It's Da Bomb

Oh my. This machine is awesome. My goodness, it does the job. WOW!

If any of you looked at that video, well, I am the woman in the video, with my wellingtons and garden gloves. However, do be aware that it is hard work. I mean, you have to hold the "on" button, whilst manoeuvring the machine, and digging it right down into the soil - I was muscularly sore this morning when I woke up. BUT, you see, that comes from passing over the entire patch in probably an hour. So the same amount of work as with a fork, but in a quarter of the time. Not bad, eh?

By the way, you may have noticed there, I have moved the compost bin. Hurrah! Finally I moved it from it's old position

down at the end of the left border, to this space where it will get much more sun, and produce a proper bit of compost. I actually did this a few weeks ago - and just today, I finally put it in it's final resting place. When I initially moved it, I put it in the middle, but realised that (1) I hadn't really cultivated the soil underneath, and (2) why in the middle? Plus it was slightly leaning to the side which was rather annoying, and would bug me ad infinitum ...

Well that was a good move, because in the end by lifting it (again) I managed to get even more of that lovely stuff to spread around.

That will be cultivated in tomorrow, before some vegetable planting. With the lovely green beast!


  1. That tiller machine you got is awesome. I was thinking, though, while looking at the video-mmercial that you should probably wear goggles whilst operating it, just to be on the safe side!

    Also, regarding the weeder that you guys seem to love, even after looking at the website ads, I can't quite understand how it works.

  2. Funny that a slightly tilted compost bin would bother you to distraction. A little bit of that OCD that we inherited from Daddy and maybe from Mommy too manifesting itself there, I see, LOL ;)