Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pest Control The Sequel

I will be frank with you, here. I hate spiders. Really, really hate spiders.

This has been a problem for me over the last month, the spiders in the borders. For any of an arachnaphobic nature, you may not enjoy this.

I have never worked in a garden that is so replete with the arachnid. I've had many gardens before, one proper garden (I will introduce you to that later) and from thereon mostly container gardens, until this one. I have also spent many happy hours in my friend's garden, replanting her herb border, revamping the side where we took the plants out and spent a whole afternoon lying on the ground digging in manure - oh yes, it was all good.

I've never encountered spiders like here. Just your normal garden spider, that striped kind, but it makes my heart sink every time I go out there to try and weed, or plant, and there they are, hanging around.


I had a bad encounter in the last month where, after knocking down several webs and occupants, (I was wearing a form of the popular shoe, "Crocs" - except I bought them from the market nearby so they were "mock crocs" - har har), I was on the other side of the garden and felt something bite my foot. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

Yes, a spider, in my open shoe. UGH. I can sort of deal with them, I don't scream like a banshee anymore when I see one (at least I didn't until this point) and if it's in the house, in the bath - EXCELLENT. Wash it down.

But out there, when I was trying to tie up the tomatoes (again) I felt this and, well frankly, I freaked. Jumping around like an idiot. But I did soldier on.

Then another came running across the path - nowhere near my foot, thankfully, but then I really did scream. In fact, the air was blue. Husband came out to see, and that's when we made our agreement.

I will point them out, and he will kill them. And then for the most part, they don't come back. In the borders, that is, I have an arsenal I have purchased for the inside, which to be honest hasn't been too much of a problem, but I won't, won't have them in my house.

Let's have a look at this. Spiders are supposed to be beneficial because they eat bugs (so do birds). What bugs?

Flies - and what is the point of flies? To dive bomb you when you're out working, or invade your living space until you put up screens to protect yourself?

Mosquitoes - and I ask you, the point of them, unless to spread disease???

Greenfly - to bring my rose down?

Wasps - thankfully, touch wood, no problem here, but I have had a problem in the past, so no, I don't really like them ...

Okay, the good bugs -

Bees. Of course. They never bother you unless you go for them, and who would be fool enough to do that? Honey pots. Lovely creatures. Love bees.

Ladybirds (lady bugs in the States). Love. Eat aphids and greenfly, if you are lucky to have enough of them.

Ummmm... can't think of any more good ones at the moment.

Shoot me down if you like. I HATE BUGS.

I have several natural remedies, which I am keen to try, once the weather cooperates.

Tobacco, lemon washing up liquid, chestnuts.

I long for the fall of the Horse Chestnut. Apparently, spiders hate them. Hurrah! Apart from the two bowls I now have in my house, from an early fall, I will have TONS around the house in strategic corners, once the paths are lined with "conkers". Yippee. Let them fall.

Sorry, but I really, really hate spiders. I've tried, and failed to appreciate them. Just, can't.

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  1. Yes, September is definitely spider season in my garden, bath, under the sofa etc.