Thursday, 14 August 2008


This whole 30 ft by 40 ft plot is one big, great, experiment.

One year on, I'm a little disappointed with the left border - not enough of the colour, vibrancy, life that I wanted.

Not exactly Christopher Lloyd.

It's the soil, of course, and my preparation of it wasn't nearly good enough. Lesson one.

But I can say, if you want impact one year on, you can do no wrong with herbs.

Everything planted in there was mostly from a tiny, 50 pence pot. Wow. And yum, too, since I am constantly drying them for storage and use - I seem to use them faster than I can dry them! Fresh as well, of course, and fresh or freshly dried, just a gorgeous bunch of flavourful things.

And here, ta da, are my onions and shallots.


Not sure about them yet, I dug them out of the ground and left them to dry, then it rained the next day, so then I moved them into the shed, and there they sit until the weekend when I can examine them. I thought the red ones should be a bit bigger. Like you can buy in shops. Still, I shall dust them off, and slice them up, and then we'll see.

Lastly if you chance to look in the guestbook, I tried a recipe recommendation for "Fried Green Tomatoes" - and that is truly yum! I think soon I can stop buying tomatoes from the supermarket, as I just picked two ripe ones (okay, only two, but still ...) tonight when I was gathering the green ones for this culinary experiment. Stop me from picking all the green ones as they hang there, deliciously, so I can fry up some more! Thanks to Christine!

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