Thursday, 18 September 2008

Double Trouble

You know all about the ginger twins by now, big and little.

Husband gets them mixed up all the time. But even I can make a mistake ...

Now that this bench has been moved over to the other side, to make way for the barbeque, Little Ginger often sits there in the same sort of position, where he can watch both the garden and the door. The other night, I poked my head out and saw a ginger, so I went over and scooped him up in my arms, as usual. Suddenly this little ginger was all flailing cat legs! Oops, wrong cat! I promptly plonked him down, and no harm done. he even came in for a bite.

In my defence, it was dark! Normally I can see the difference in the face.

Remember Blackie?

A wiry, spry, lively little fellow who can bound across the lawn in about three leaps. He's young and loves life. He's also very sweet, and will come for a scratch when one or the other of us is working out there. He even comes in for a bite sometimes, too (yes, I seem to be feeding most of the neighbourhood cats).

So the other night, imagine my surprise when Ginger was in at his dish, eating, and Blackie was just outside. Ginger finished, and headed out, and Blackie hissed at him. I was shocked! I mentioned this to husband and he said he had seen this before, just recently. He promptly went to chase him away. Now husband might not admit it, but he loves Ginger, this accidentally acquired cat of ours, and gets very defensive of him. He didn't do anything harmful to Blackie, just shoo'ed him, and to be honest it didn't really take because the cat was back in seconds anyway, as soon as our backs were turned.

Now, here's the kicker - not only do we have double the fun with the ginger cats, we also have

Yes. Turns out there are two! Mystery solved. Little Blackie is a sweetie - it's Big Blackie who is a bit of a bully. He doesn't seem to be around too much, and I felt lucky to get this shot of the Two Blackies.

Well, at least there are four cats out there. What happened to the days when the cats were plentiful? There were actually two more cats around at this time, just out of shot.

I could be missing all the action when I'm at work, or at night. I know I can go out there and there is definite prowling, if I'm checking to bring Ginger in for the night.

However, all this cat action really puts into doubt the installation of the oft- and long-discussed cat flap. Clearly, there are several cats who are happy to wander into my house by the kitchen door, which is generally open all day when I'm here. Case in point, Little Blackie was just in having another bite. Thankfully I have discovered that it's not just the lovely pouches of meat (or fish) in jelly that appeals. They are more than happy to eat dried. Bit more friendly on my wallet.

But if we wish to install the cat flap so Ginger can come and go, as it were, especially when we are both out during the day, (and save me from getting up at 4 in the morning to let him out??), how many cats will feel they have carte blanche to enter our house?


  1. The Cat Flap question..... I have 5 cats, including an orange one. We put in a cat flap last year, as one of my girls is very aged now and had taken to having accidents by the door, not able to wait til she was let out.We spent ages teaching them to use it. Only to discover when I fed them, there wasn't 5, there was 6. A then very young feral had thought she could hide herself amongst the others, and settle down to eat. Mine didn't seem to object at all. 'Smudge' as she is now known has taken up residence here, and can often be found asleep on the shed roof, compost bins, or wall; where ever there is some warmth from the sun or below.

    I think orange is my favourite colour for a cat, your marmalade ones are gorgeous.

  2. We have a black cat and a tabby. One day we let in the wrong black cat and didn't realise until we let her in again at the same time as the wrong one shot out of the house!

  3. Thank you for your cat stories!! I love the stories of Smudge and the renegade blackie. My goodness, they are clever and know where their bread is buttered! And good at camouflage, too!! :-)

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  5. The two blackies picture caught me by surprise, as obviously the two actual blackies did you two! Great picture: like a mirror image set in the little paradise that is your garden :) Your blogs are one of the finest mood elevators in my life, by the way. I nod, I laugh, I get a tear, I feel your weather while reading your description of it...I love the way you think and the way you revel in the beauty of life.