Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cats love a Barbeque

Well, I finally put it together, and it's a lovely piece of kit. From Tesco Direct, if you care to know.

This is Big Ginger (Big Brother). I finally have some decent shots of him to show off, mostly because, as mentioned, he has taken to visiting on a regular basis. Not just for the food mind, but for some good kitty lovin'.

He has quite a mighty purr, too. Something of a muted "meow", but a purr that reminds you of a coffee percolator. Nice and deep. I've only just recently come to discover this, mind, and I have to say I am rather gratified to inspire him to do so.

Not that I'm stealing their other cat! Please, no.

That's "our" cat, Little Ginger on the bench, and BB (or BG, whichever you or I prefer) below.

This is what you get when they both want to chow down.

And then they hear something outside, and have a look.

But when the barbeque is fired up? They are ready.

I love a good barbeque. For me, it's not just a social occasion, but another method of cooking food. And a very yummy one too.

Oh yes, they got a bit of a bite from what was cookin', as a reward for their patience!

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  1. Lovely cats. My first one was ginger and had the original name of "Ginger"!