Friday, 19 September 2008

Another Feline Mystery

Hmmm, she says, stroking her chin.

Just at the moment (until tomorrow) husband is away on business and so this evening, I settled in to watch a film. Back door open for Ginger, as usual. Plenty of plates of food around for any renegade kitties coming in for a bite. Dare I say it - sometimes when husband is away, I will have the most unorthodox of dinners. Tonight, I had foie gras on toast.

Now, I bought this can of foie gras de canard a while back on a trip to France. Being in a can it was of course good for ages, and tonight I thought, heck, I'll open it up and have some. Ginger of course hanging around watching me do something with food, so I actually gave him a little bit on a plate. You know what? He wasn't interested! What?? Foie gras?? (It was gorgeous by the way). Well, I thought, I'm going to certainly leave it on the floor because I bet one of the range of kitties who come to sample my offerings will like it.

I have no idea who ate it in the end but my goodness that plate was licked clean. Whilst normally I would be in and out of the kitchen of an evening, I stayed on the sofa watching my film for a good 90 minutes.

Now, this is the very bizarre thing. After the film ended, I went to the loo. I'd been in there earlier since I arrived home, and yes there are a few of my hairs in the sink from this morning as I was brushing my hair before work.

But what is this?

This was not there before.

You can follow the path, from the bath up to the sink. What mad cat was climbing around in the bathroom sink?? Do you think, if I had been there, I could have got a shot to add to this brilliant website my cat-loving, cat-owning sister recently sent me?

Ginger is in now, and all curled up on the recently vacated sofa. He's not giving anything away.

Hmmmm ....

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  1. How are you.... Miss seeing blogs about your kitties. I hope all is well.

    Happy Autumn from my neck of the woods.