Sunday, 20 March 2011

Step One

I told you, it's an awful mess out there.

At last, a beautiful day, and I took the time to get out there. Where to begin?

The left border, of course. It didn't take as long as I thought, and although it was sunny, it wasn't exactly hot. But it was warm enough for the earth to smell delightful, and I was amazed at what is coming up, once the weeds and leaves were clear. Even the Crocosmia seems to be coming up; at least that's the place it was, so it must be that. Which is great because I have plenty more bulbs to put in to join them this year. Last year I missed out and they were all gone from the garden shops - Phoebe's, online, everywhere. Maybe there was a dearth. I am well prepared and there is a box marked in the shed, ordered from Crocus( When in the shed, though, I found another Crocus box - I have no idea what else I ordered. Can't wait to check that out!

Tidy! It is surprisingly bare - ooooo, lots of planting space ... I think a trip to Phoebe's Garden Centre is in order soon.

However, when plant shopping, I tend to see a plant, think "that's pretty", and then plonk it in. No forethought, no planning. If I want a proper English Border I'm going to have to think carefully. Also, I believe I planted a lot of annuals last year in a desperate attempt to get something resembling what I desire. No, this year, I must find more flowering perennials, and consider height, spread, when it blooms, etc. Perhaps at long last I can have that English Border, and leave my "border envy" at others' gardens behind.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who regularly read my page (even if there's nothing new to read - all two of you!). I shall try to keep you more often entertained and hopefully enlightened. Eleven post in 2010? Shocking!

Next week, weather permitting, it's me, the vegetable patch, some bark chips, and a bag of manure.

Happy Spring!

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