Monday, 28 March 2011

Feng Shui Gardening

I have a friend who is very into Feng Shui. So, take from this what you will.

On Saturday morning she shared the following:

The Front Garden represents your past.

The Middle, or Side Garden represents your present.

And the Back Garden represents your future.

Well, if you take that as read, here is my experience.

The Front Garden was sorted without me having to lift a finger. Really. I didn't do anything, but somehow my past was sorted.

Very nicely, thank you.

The Middle Garden - well, that's down the side (obviously), with four pots and three hanging baskets. I didn't think that would take very long to sort out - 2 hostas coming up nicely, 3 baskets and 2 pots ready for something new. Just needed a little tidying.

And the Back Garden?

An ongoing project, a labour of love, but I have high hopes for it. :-)


  1. But the future is ALWAYS being worked on - it *is* a labour of love and having high hopes for it is a great thing!