Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New furry friends!

Well, perhaps more spiky than furry.

The hedgehogs are back!  That's right, plural.

You see, whilst I was away, well, my husband has something of a love-hate relationship with the cat.  Ginger's meow does certainly pack a punch.

So, he would fill up the cat's bowl (two sided - one for moist food, one for dry) and then put it (and the cat) outside.  On a daily basis.  So naturally,

our new little friends discovered this.  And they liked it.  Oh my, do they like it.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.

As you can see thankfully Ginger (the cat who brings me dead mice and birds) wants nothing to do with them.  Smart kitty.

So in the end, I gave them their own bowl.

Sometimes they eat in ones, sometimes in twos.

But wait.  Are there three??  I hadn't noticed the potential third one until a friend commented when I posted it on Facebook.  But sure enough, it DOES look like there might be a third.  The one in front, big guy, the one on the left, littler, and then one in the back??

Tell me what you think from this slightly blurrier shot.

Sure looks like three.  I don't know.  I try not to get to close as I don't want to disturb them too much.  It's bad enough me playing garden paparazzi with the flash, although it doesn't send them scurrying.

No, they love that food too much!

Sometimes they just have to get in the bowl with it.

So as not to run out (not that Ginger much likes it) I invested in a bigger bag.

Night after night, crunch, crunch, crunch!

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