Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chop Chop

Or perhaps, buzz buzz.

I had an assignment a few weekends ago - to deal with front, as we were going to get a gate and some trellising installed.  Given that my husband was working on Saturday, and I was working on Sunday, the best day (in bright sunshine, mind) to do the necessary was the Saturday.

As I left the flat at the same time as my neighbour, he commented "Wow, chainsaw and sunglasses.  Nice."

The target, you see, was this.

It's a buddleia (no kidding). And rather an obtrusive, grow-like-a-weed kind.  Believe it or not it was cut back in the Spring.  Yes there are some flowers on it, which smell nice, but as an attractive piece of foliage it's - not.  Besides, on the wall to the right it where we are going to have some trellising installed so, something had to give.

If you remember, when we moved in, I transplanted a palm tree from a pot into the front area here.  Thanks to said buddleia, it has never had a chance to really do it's thing.  So firing up the electric saw (it's not really a chainsaw, not quite) I went to work.

Hmm.  Round One to me, I think.

Sadly I had to lose most of the palm tree, which was leaning on the wall.

But look!  Still some left.  And the wall to the right, free for the necessary.

Here is where we will have a gate.  Nothing fancy, but stops people walking in to our front yard (remember the stolen window box?).

I'll have you know that all of the debris created, is now in the back, but that's another story ...

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