Sunday, 7 October 2012

Garden Revisited

I had a chance to visit my family, and check the progress of the little garden I planted in April over there, if you remember.

Everything did well except the plant in the upper corner, closest to the house.  I can't remember what it was now.  I've replaced it with a red Verbena which I hope takes.  But I am pleased with the progress overall.

I especially love this, spreading nicely.  My mother picked this out, and it was a good call.

These are all shade loving plants, as they need to be because they only get the morning sun in the summer.

And what a summer!  It was a hot time in Chicago, I tell you. Very nice.

The other best thing was the discovery of an outside tap!  My brother-in-law discovered that one, around the corner.  It appears to belong to this garden, because the woman next door has her own hose attached elsewhere.  So of course I bought a length of hose to attach to it.

Good thing, especially as there was quite a drought going on this year.

Finally, for good measure, I added this

Which lights up at night, and changes colour.  And then a few bulbs, which will come up in the Spring, for good measure.

Very pleased!

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