Monday, 13 February 2012

When the cat's away ...

Well actually it's not the cats being away, it's the man. All cat stuff breaks loose.

Ginger of course is in and out every day, and meowing like a big voiced cat that is just ... oh he drives me crazy sometimes. But I love the little guy.

This evening, as I have the night to myself, I discovered Big Brother outside the back door. I let him in of course, it's been about a week since I've seen him, and Ginger left the building to let him share the food.

All well and good. As I walked down the hall and looked into the bedroom, I thought, ah, Ginger is back, and down having a little cat nap.

So I went to give him a pet. Ah no, this was Bro. He did his own meow, and his percolator purr, as I stroked him (I'm told I'm good with my hands). Hey, make yourself at home, okay?

It's been about an hour now, and he shows no sign of moving. We just had a little scratching session and he turned on that purr that could tear down a building.

Between the one who has a meow that could cut glass, and mister purr factory, I've got some cat stuff going on here.

Trouble is, neither one of these really belong to me. Except Ginger I guess, as he insists (daily, and nightly??) that I belong to him.

Ginger cat city in Hither Green.

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