Sunday, 5 February 2012


has it's uses. I've been very productive on this snowbound Sunday.

I made a batch of yoghurt - very easy of course since I use Easi-Yo. Bio Manuka Honey, this batch, lovely for breakfast with the right cereal and some berries (Grape Nuts are preferable, but they are hard to find here).

I finally got rid of all the eggshells hanging around, waiting to go out to compost. Which means the containers can out to recycling.

Yes I've been a bit lazy on this, but they are now in the staging post, between my kitchen, and the actual compost bin.

My compost caddy, which sits outside the kitchen door and holds the usual - vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggshells. I just didn't feel like traipsing through the snow to dump it up there.

Especially considering my wellies are in the shed, which would mean traipsing through the snow, anyway, to fetch them. Not in the mood.

I made a batch of breadcrumbs from all the crusts lurking in my freezer (I don't like crusts). Useful in many ways, notably in my favourite pork chop recipe which I'm making tonight for dinner (except I use pork loin steaks, easier to make and eat, without the bone). Tear the bread in pieces and pop them in the food processor, then heat the oven to the highest. Spread them on a baking sheet, turn the oven right down, and leave for 10 minutes or so. They keep for ages in the fridge.

Also lurking in the freezer, chicken bones/leftovers/portions. So I made chicken stock, using up as well some of those vegetables in the fridge that are really just about to go useless. (leek, spring onion, bok choi in this instance. Should be good). This will most likely be used in risotto, or just as a cup of warming wonderfulness, especially when you have a cold. An old remedy, but it's true. Can't beat a warming mug of chicken broth.

Which tickled the nose of this little hibernator.

He's hardly left the house since the snow, unusually. Not surprising.

All very virtuous. Time for a glass of wine, methinks.

You can tell I'm bored, can't you? Two blogs in one day.