Monday, 20 February 2012

It's Official - Drought!

This in the news today:

"The south east of England is now in a state of drought, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has said.

The region joins parts of eastern England which have been drought-afflicted since last summer, with some reservoirs, rivers and groundwater aquifers in the South East well below normal levels after two dry winters.

The state of drought in the region was declared after the Environment Department convened a summit of water companies, farmers and wildlife groups on Monday to discuss potential water shortages in England.

Following the summit, Thames Water warned that there was a high chance of water restrictions such as hosepipe bans this summer unless there is significant rainfall or customers use less water."

You can be assured there will be a hosepipe ban this summer. Good thing I don't intend on doing a big vegetable garden this year. Maybe I'll do a grow bag of tomatoes, because I would hate for a summer to go by without the homegrown variety.

Good thing I don't have to water the jasmine ...

I intend on clearing the left border of dross (sometime soon!) and putting in flowering shrubs - the intention this year is "easy-care".

Hosepipe bans don't mean you can't water your garden - you just can't use a sprinkler, or the hose, but you can fill your watering can for the purpose.

Oh, I look forward to that. Traipsing up and down with a watering can, back and forth from the spout to the plants.



  1. Hey - as long as you have a LARGE glass of wine in the other hand, watering the garden with the can should be a snap!! ;-)

  2. Put it in dropbox safe there

  3. WOW that is AWESOME!! What about Reiki in the healing section?

  4. Had a bad dream last night wish I could tell you about it