Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Flip, Flap

I have a cat.

A cat flap, to be exact. Which kind of means I am acknowledging the fact that yes, this is my cat.

It wasn't exactly straightforward, but I was determined that it was done this weekend for more than one reason, more on that later.

Escalting the "problem" meant that I got my way, and in the end after a bit of fuss it was nicely installed.

The trouble is, and I did think Ginger was used to catflaps, it's only currently getting one-way usage.


I guess that is one good thing as it means not leaving the door open just so he can go out as he wants, or being there to open the door.

From the outside - well, we have shoved him through it to go inside twice. Not easy.

No, he's just not getting it. Fundmentally it shouldn't be too high for him (although if I could have I would have put it a bit lower, but such is the nature of the door), hence the bricks to give him a level advantage.

Still, the weather has been fine, so there's no matter of shelter required for him - he will happily sleep outside all day.

Perhaps when the rain and snow comes, he might feel inclined to venture in?


  1. Hope you liked the song. Just happens to be one of my all time favourites, ever.

  2. one of mine also, in a previous life.

  3. WOW, talk about beautiful. That's just ... stunning. Gorgeous. Yum. I want to ... better stop now.

  4. got the message, I'm on the case

  5. no concentration today - know there's something new in dropbox, can't look until later ....!