Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Art Fair Extraordinaire

This is what I work for, so I thought I'd share, once again.

First off, let's start with a cat.

Oh my.

Yep. That's a large photograph of a very special cat.

Here's one for scale (and to show off my new dress).

He's a big old cat. But there was all sorts at the Affordable Art Fair Battersea last week.

And these.

One of these, I'm not sure which, but one of these, is mine.

Oh yes. I've wanted one of these for 3 years. And I think it's time. He's going in the garden.

The next, new, Affordable Art Fair is on this week in Hampstead, and this gallery will be exhibiting. I may be buying my galivinized metal giraffe tomorrow night, all being well.

And here's one more cat for good measure.

Long Live The Affordable Art Fair.


  1. looks great! as do you.

  2. I would ABSOLUTELY think so.

  3. how was the show?

  4. Excellent excellent excellent. Some songs I didn't know, have to buy more albums now. LOVE Wilco THANK YOU.

  5. Talk to me please. And don't worry, either.