Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Call Me Crazy

But I thought this might be a help to get Ginger used to the cat flap. A leg up, as it were. Yes, it's a breakfast-in-bed kind of tray. But just the right height.

He seems to be coping okay - when I come home every night, I hear "meeeeoooowww" and see his little face through it.

And then he comes in, with a little bit of encouragement from me.

Problem is, I don't think he's coming in during the day. Sure, he sees the kitchen light go on when I get home and so he's there - but does he feel that this is his home?

That he is free to wander in and out through the cat flap at will? That was the idea.

Even the midnight feasts are still problematic - i.e. he still makes me get up. Mostly to watch him eat. For why.

Eventually, though, I leave him to it, go back to bed, and he goes out ...

And the cycle continues.


  1. The male peacock likes to display his feathers to impress the female.

  2. I can't believe it does either...