Friday, 15 July 2011

Nemesia and Nasturtiums

Well this

isn't really a patch on this (Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton, Illinois, taken May 2010).

But then I don't have all day, every day to nurture my plants to perfect fruition. And perhaps, I put too many seeds in the pot - as in, the whole pack, in one go - well, I wanted some Nemesia Strumosa KLM beauty. And for good measure, a red and white version of the same. So that's two packs, in one go, some 300-400 seeds each.

Still, it looks pretty enough - oh darn, I'm really not good with seeds. But I can try again next year.

However, I am heartened by my Nasturtiums.

I took some expert advice from someone who grows them beautifully, and moved them to a sunnier spot. It was all a dud last year, but I have some fantastic buds, and even some flowers now. I'm hoping for a good crop for my salads - they make a bold statement with some lettuce and tomatoes, and taste rather peppery. I haven't looked lately but you used to be able to buy them in Sainsbury's.

Buy them? I'll grow my own, thanks!

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