Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Close Encounters

So, I stepped out the kitchen door into the garden late-ish Saturday night. Before I rounded the corner to the patio, I felt my foot brush against something. Something sort of brushy.

I took a few more steps then thought, "hang on."

Sure enough, very close to the kitchen door, a dark, prickly blob.

Now oddly, my lighter also appears to be a mini flashlight. I say odd because that seems rather advanced for a lighter that was 4 for £1 at Poundland. But handy, nonetheless, especially when hunting hedgehogs at night.

The light, as you see, is blue. So this is a pretty crap picture, to be honest, but at least you get the sense of the little guy.

I think he was a bit shocked having almost been stepped on by a Croc nearly the same size as him. I did get up surprisingly close, since he wasn't moving, and his little face was barely visible. I was a bit worried there, for a minute. Did I stun him?

I was glad to see also that the cats, who yes were wandering by, gave him a wide berth. Very sensible.

I couldn't resist peeking out and shining my little light on him from time to time, making sure he was okay. Finally, I left it for more than a minute(!) and thankfully he'd moved on his way.

But what was he doing so close to my kitchen door?


  1. cute, looks like an ultrasound.

  2. It does, rather!