Saturday, 6 February 2010

Greetings, fellow gardeners

And, belatedly, a Happy New Year.

With greetings from the cat crew, too.

I must admit, I was rather despondant at the end of the season last year, with my lack of success in the garden overall. Oh, I harvested some fruits of my labour.

But the season ended with the garden in a terrible mess, with Mother Nature doing her best to reclaim it and turn it into a weed wilderness once more.

It's in a right state.

However, I have renewed vigour to get out there, and fight the good fight. And grow something worthwhile.

I took a turn out there this morning and perhaps it's not as bad as I thought. I actually found that the purple sprouting broccoli sprouted some purple broccoli.

Maybe there is hope for me after all.


  1. hey! poke poke poke...

    isn't it about time for another updade??


  2. Thanks, Dirty Girl!!

    Yes, yes, more coming very soon, I promise ... :-)

  3. You were too hard on yourself; look at all those healthy, healthful veggies you grew and ate!

    P.S. Love the cat composite at the top of the page. Awwww, cats are the cutest lil' critters!!