Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spring Cleaning

First things first.

I decided that my first task of the year must be to negate the need for unnecesssary and time consuming weeding of the ugly front, and anywhere else for that matter.

Weed control fabric, my saviour. Sure, I know there are most likely weeds growing under there; but I can't see them. So I won't waste precious time weeding the same patch over and over again.

For the vegetable patch, I used newspaper, as I expected to be planting there a month later (I'm still waiting for the opportunity to do that, being at the mercy of the changeable weather).

It's a very temporary measure but I am hoping that at least it will keep the worst of the weeds down until such time as I can till, and plant. Messy and not particularly attractive, but necessary.

Of course I should have done all this last autumn, but better late than never.

The Left Border was a godawful mess. Although my desire was to rip everything out and start again, I did find that there was much to keep.

Still, I was fairly ruthless. The pinks are gone, and the scrappy lavender. Clearing this out was a very satisfying job.

Room for planting, methinks!

The Delphinium and the Lupins are coming back nicely, along with the Poppy. and the Hellebore has been glorious.

And thanks to the man upstairs, No Man's Land

Is now Kiddieland

Sweet. Note the use of weed control fabric.

And for good measure, I worked on the front as well. Once more, negating the need to ever weed this again.

Weed control fabric is my favourite garden management tool at the moment, as you can see! More blue slate is required (I used everything we had collected when we had the roof redone last year), but a vast improvement already, no? The only things worth keeping there were the Buddleja and the Palm. The soil in the front is very, very poor.

A successful clean up job, hopefully never to be done again!


  1. Wow! That is a fantastic effort! That must have taken you so long to do, hope your hands aren't too sore!!!
    The gardens are looking so clean and you can plant more plants now! :))

  2. Yes indeed Keiko, more on that soon!! Thanks for your comment!! :-)

  3. I learn more about gardening every time I visit your site; good job on the weed control and preparing the garden.