Monday, 11 May 2009

The War of the Weeds

I have a new toy. It came from Lakeland, one of my favourite stores, but I have seen them elsewhere and have been eyeing them up for a year or so now ...

Well, I finally bought it!

Husband is in love with it, too - I couldn't get it out of his hands yesterday.

Weeds do not stand a chance in my garden anymore!

The Parasene "Weed Wand". A little beauty with a jet of flame. Here is a link:

There is a video on the left so you can see it in action. I highly recommend it. My, it works a treat! As the website says, it "disrupts the cell structure of the weeds, causing them to die in a day or two without using expensive toxic chemicals". Result!

Apparently you're not supposed to "burn" the weeds, just pass the wand over them with it's intense jet of heat, but as I say, husband was having way too much fun ...

Weeds beware!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, now I get the concept of the weed wand -- and no wonder your caveman likes it, as it's got a flame! Fun for the whole family ;)