Saturday, 9 August 2008

Work/Life Balance

Greetings, to any readers who are still there.

I've been at my new job for over three weeks now, and am loving it tremendously. One slight problem, is that the commute is longer so I get home later. Weekends are taken up with doing as much out there as possible (if possible!). I seem to have lost time, somewhere, for writing here. So this work/life balance thing must be addressed, and time must be carved out for this blog, which is important to me!

That week of summer was nice, by the way, while it lasted ...

Actually these last couple of weekends have been sporadically productive, given that we have returned to normal proceedings as far as the weather goes - sunshine and showers. Even today, as I looked out the kitchen window first thing in the morning at the lovely sunshine and blue sky, thinking I must, must, must cut the grass today ... now by midday the showers have returned. So I guess I shall go shopping instead (nothing fun, mind, just groceries. I didn't want to "waste" the time, but with this weather ...).

I did, however, discover this little beauty while wandering around back there in the sunshine this morning, in my pyjamas, coffee in hand.

The first ripe one, of many, we hope!

I haven't tasted it yet. I'd like to admire it for a while. It smells scrumptious, though, completely unlike any store-bought ones.

Meanwhile, my beautiful Dahlia has bloomed, bringing some welcome red into the Left Border.

I've also been busy drying herbs, and infusing oils.

What I really want to accomplish this weekend, weather willing is (1) cut the grass, (2) pull out the onions and (3) plant some more lettuce, rocket and spinach. At the very least.

I'd also like to put out new barbeque together (why, I hear you ask? Doesn't sound like barbeque weather to me! Ah, but I live in hope ...)

Fingers crossed!

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