Monday, 21 July 2008

Summer Week

Every once in a while in this country, we get a week of summer. :-)

Kidding. I love it here really. Just, I grew up in some hot, hot summers in the Midwest of America. And to be honest, apart from last year, summers in my memory over the last 19 years here haven't been too bad. I love when people complain about the heat here (me: "you ain't seen nothin"). And when they complain about the cold (me: guess what I say!).

Did I mention that about two weeks ago, we had one month's worth of rain in one day? That was fun. Uh huh.

But this week, it's going to be summer. Yippee! No need for a coat/cardigan/cover "just in case". No need for anything else but the clothes on your back when you leave the house in the morning. Just, really, nice, weather.

And lots of watering.

Even when I came home tonight, the first day of a week of warm, sunny weather (but it ain't hot, yet), I felt the need to water. Now, it's been odd (and here we go with me obsessing about the weather again), but even if we are promised rain, it sprinkles somewhat but I realise, it's not enough. A few spits and spots is not going to actually water the garden. Don't forget the tomatoes - "little and often". I musn't!

And I feel the left is suffering too, including the newly planted (or re-planted) plants. Anytime one plants something, one waters in well, and keeps watering until established. That includes the plants I dug up and then re-planted on the left, when improving the soil.

I think that worked, by the way. The whole exercise needs to be spread to the rest of the border, come autumn, when everything else dies down. I think it will be well worth it.

So! Maintenance this week, includes a careful eye on the water need situation.

Tomatoes - going wonderfully mad.

Lettuce - being enjoyed by one and all, after the two bags I cut, cleaned and shared.

Onions - I'm keeping an eye because I think they might be ready soon - must consult Mr. Titchmarsh about harvesting.

Dahlia in the left border (on the right here) about to pop - nice.

Summer - yes, bring it on! As long as it lasts ...

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