Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The David Attenborough of my Garden

I have been asked about the cats. Oh yes, they are still there. Not as many, but the Two Gingers are the constant.

They are having a bit of a play here, nothing serious.

Our Ginger boy is always around, of course. In the house when we are here (we still haven't installed the cat flap), in the bed at night.

Big brother, well he seems to stop by every day at least, and pops in for a bite if he's so inclined.

He polished off the food last night, but tonight I guess Chicken and Kidney in gravy today was less of his thing, so he turned his nose up and walked away.

Something about that spot seems to set them off - last night Ginger was chasing his tail there.

The other night, after our dinner, I popped out to see what was going on in the cat world, and the garden. I find big and little crouching on the patio, and batting something.

Have you heard of the stag beetle? Last year, husband and I found one of these crawling on "the ugly front". In our ignorance (is it a cockroach?) we decided that maybe it was a little too close to the house and decided to do away with it.

Lo and behold we discover in our local park there is a whole sign dedicated to the local stag beetle, and how this locale is not only it's habitat of choice, but it is something of an endangered species. Darn. We vowed never to harm one again.

Fast forward to the other night - the "thing" the cats are fascinated with, and batting around, is a stag beetle.

I was much too late to interrupt this game of cat and beetle - but I was rather enthralled by their suddenly feral and rather wild behaviour - until baby Ginger, pounced, chewed and made the most extraordinary noise I have ever heard from a small, seemingly normal cat. Big Ginger could only stand by and watch, and I think was nearly as taken aback as I was.

At the end of the day the stag beetle was alive, just. After cats had abandonded their game, I moved it on to just next to the lawn.

I have no idea what happened to it, but it wasn't there the next morning. I don't think it was anyone's breakfast, because truly it wouldn't be completely palatable for a cat, who would much prefer tuna in jelly.

Last night - it seems the cat action is all in the evening now - I went out to discover Big Ginger, dancing across the lawn chasing I don't know what. Then he watched as Little Ginger suddenly pounced on - Blackie?? I didn't even spot him, it being nearly dark I guess and him being, well, mostly black. But also do understand, I am crouched down on the patio, observing at a low level, so as not to disturb them too much.

Let's just take us through this, in a David Attenborough way.

"Exhibiting some amazing crazy cat behaviour, Big Ginger chases nothing across the yard several times, before reclining in a supine position, perfectly positioned to watch his little brother. Little Ginger pounces on the unsuspecting black cat. After a small chase, all the cats lie down again, and Little Ginger calmly walks towards his chosen human for some kitty scratching, and perhaps some chicken and kidney in gravy inside."

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