Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wish List

of easy care, perennial flowering shrubs for the left border:

Skimmia Japonica

but with these, you need both male and female variety in order to obtain fruit.  So that's two of these.

Glossy Abelia

This is a must.  It has THE most fragrant, fragrant flowers and blooms in the Autumn.  I pass it on my walk to work in the morning and it stopped me dead in my tracks because of the scent.


Just ... because.  How can you go wrong?  A deep green plant covered with luscious blooms, throughout most of March.

That should fill out the border nicely, along with the existing Ceanothus and the Choisya, and of course the Roses.

My most fervent wish?  Some good weather so I can get out there and actually DO something!!