Monday, 7 May 2012


At long last.  I have done something out there.  Oh my, it needed it.

Weeding was top priority, even if when I started it was sprinkling a bit.  At least it was slightly warmer today, so I wouldn't need to keep going back into the house to keep warm.  Ugh, that right border!  What is all that?

I stepped in cat poop at least once, and did a "Carrie" at the outside tap.  Slightly less glam with the wellies instead of Laboutins (10 points to you if you can name the episode of Sex and the City that one comes from).

As an added bonus, the sun came out!  So I doffed my hoodie and felt the warm sun on my face.  A nice change from the freakily awful weather we've been having.

Filled two bags for the Council to collect and woo hoo!  I can see what's there, and what's not.

The Euphorbia, much as I love it, was completely taking over.
Much of had to go.

Now I can see how lovely my Ceanothus is (on the right) having tied up the climbing rose.  There are many Crocosmias coming up for summer, which was the idea last year.  And the Sweet William is back.

This now gives me an idea of space for those shrubs from the wish list.

Much as I wanted to carry on and cut the grass, I may take up the offer of the two gentlemenly neighbours, who want to do it.  Hey, knock yourself out, I say.  Just watch out for the cat poop.

It's a start!

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