Sunday, 15 January 2012

So I said

yes absolutely, I agree, the jasmine is getting out of control and must be cut back. I mean, it's growing over and through the neighbour's fence. That plant needs some serious trimming.

Beautiful of course though it is, with that delicious scent that is just heaven in the summertime. No, it needed a trim.

Um ....

I guess there was some misunderstanding between my "cut it back" and his "cut it down and completely decimate it".

Oh, and why not trample over the entire herb bed and kill those too, at the same time.

Still, I can now clearly see that the rosemary is in bad shape, and I might as well rip that out too.

In fact, I might as well just completely start over.

Did I mention how the scent was delect ............

Oh, nevermind.

1 comment:

  1. Actually FREDA said: Give it some time. The herbs will come back. I've also read that jasmine enjoys a harsh pruning and comes back stronger. Shape up the rosemary a bit, wait for spring and see what happens perhaps?