Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Good Fences

make good neighbours. That's an old saying here. I don't know where it comes from, but it's true. None of your see-through chain link in this country, oh no. A good fence is about protection, and privacy. We like our panels here, whether they be waney-lap or shiplap. Six foot high, preferably.

This was our fence between us and the property next door. It was pretty bad when we moved in, and then we had some little munchkins who liked to chuck stuff over, on a regular basis. Rocks, toys, metal bars, didn't matter. Hence the additional height added on, with whatever we could lay our hands on. Note the homemade screens on the right, which were on each window, although we have taken most of them them off now as those children are long gone.

Anything, really, to create a barrier between us and them. The property next door, you see, is kind of a revolving door property. The owner, who actually lives a few doors up the street, rents it out to the council. We've had words with him, occasionally. He doesn't really care.

However, although this would, should be his fence, his responsibility, we took it upon ourselves to erect something shiny and new.

Ahhhhhhhh. We didn't do it ourselves, mind, as it would have been quite a project. No, finally, we got someone in, who turned out to be a wonderful local handyman type of chap, to get it done, and get it done right.

The garden really is, finally, enclosed properly. Any eyesores have been eliminated.

I love our new fence.


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