Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Okay so ... poetry

That looks like such a strange word up there, "poetry".

I'm about to share my own poem, that I wrote perhaps some 29 years ago. A lot had happened in that particular summer, to do with love.

It was longer when I wrote it, but it was, I think kindly, cut down by my Creative Writing teacher at Triton College. The original is long destroyed, when I ruthlessly threw away everything of my early writings, when my parents were moving house to their beautiful new place, and so many remnants of my life still existed in the old place. Oh, there was some bad writing in there.

But as we have just passed the Harvest Moon, I thought it might be appropriate. I mean, it would be another year before I could even think of posting this again.

So without further ado -

The Harvest Moon kicks out the old, dear moon,
Young once, and winking.
Each crunchy leaf takes me
Farther away from you.


  1. random thought - I have a Dropbox account

  2. Twenty First Century Love Poem

    Eight hour flight,
    Six hour time difference,
    Four thousand miles away.
    Thank you Facebook;
    Regular Skype chats;
    Digital photographs shared over email.
    Every several months,
    Fantasy/memory becomes reality;
    Memories created to keep me alive
    In the London interim.

  3. thanks - working on another one