Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer Swimming

Slightly off topic, but there's not a lot going on out there in the back right now.

Did you know that you can swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park, London? It's a very big lake in the middle of the park, and if you join the club, well you can swim year round. If you're completely insane, you can take part in the Christmas Day race. Obviously a tradition that goes back some years.

That must be cold. Possibly as icy cold as Lake Michigan in May.

So there's a part of the Serpentine that is cordoned off, and in the summer they open it up to the rest of us (slightly less insane).

But really, on a fine summer's day, it's lovely - a bit of algae floating around, and you have to share it with these guys.

They don't take terribly kindly to the humans invading their space - I mean, you know how geese can be. And frankly, there must be some goose excrement in there somewhere. But maybe it's good for the skin, who knows.

On second thought, perhaps I'd rather be swimming in the Med.

Perhaps jumping off the side of a catamaran (three times).

Or maybe even just lying in the sun.

Oh yes, that was nice.


  1. AWESOME post - and Oh my - I *LOVE* the song that was playing when I was reading this - it is one of my all time faves - where did you get it???

  2. mmmmmm,beautiful.