Thursday, 11 August 2011


While everything grows and needs little attention, apart from a bit of pruning here and there (not much watering, given our non-existent summer), my attention is turned to the back.

As is pretty well documented by now, the back of the garden is a mess.

The swingset is gone now, of course (although the trampoline is still there - Ginger likes to sleep on it, as you can see) but that hasn't improved matters. It now just leaves a big, empty, weedy space to fill.

Once we had mixed the cement on a board, placed on the soil, for the shed base, said soil would be worse than useless.

However, poking around one day, and nosing into the neighbours garden (given that two fence panels are down on the left), I spied this

and had an idea.

I had in mind that at some plumbing trade centre up by Lewisham Centre, there were pallets like this going for free.

Decking, anyone?

I crept over there to measure this, then measured the patch. Seems as though we would need maybe six of these, but I have to revisit my calculations.

Initially, once we get rid of all the crap up there, including the weeds, we will most likely put weed control fabric down, and gravel.

But I still hanker after some decking. It would make a nice patio for everyone to enjoy, and improve the look of the garden no end! I could even put some pots up there.

Watch this space!

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