Tuesday, 7 June 2011


This so cool.

I have a hedgehog in my garden.

A few weeks ago, before the Chicago trip, I was out there in the dusky dark, having a cigarette if you must know. I saw a dark, round shape waddling up and away to the right, on the path. I thought, with trepidation, that is one fat, round rat.

I saw a rat in the garden, very early days. Do you know, apparently, in London you are never more than 8 feet from a rat?

I was concerned.

Well, just now, I was outside, as usual, crouched down petting one of the cats - up comes waddling Mr. Hedgehog. Close as anything. Then he waddled away. Dang for not having the camera but ...

I'm relieved. I'm happy! I love hedgehogs!!! How cute is that!


  1. Cool,is his name Dinsdale?

  2. or Spiny Norman?

  3. Think I'll call him Dinsdale :-)

  4. But you're right, of course, technically he should be Norman ... genius.