Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I don't know why I get so excited when I see a fox in my garden. Perhaps because I didn't grow up in a place where foxes were normal - sure, the odd racoon (as big as a small fat dog), rabbits, but no foxes.

London is replete with "The Urban Fox". I know they are around - I sometimes, rarely, see one or another in my garden. Once, coming home from the cinema at night, we saw a whole family roaming the street - probably about six of them. Occasionally, you hear that unearthly sound they make.

So last evening, I look out the kitchen window for the cat. I see the cat at the top of the walk, and the fox at the bottom. I've seen them encounter each other once before - they just eyeballed each other across the lawn, and went their seperate ways. This time, same thing. I believe they have due respect for each other.

Of course I ran for my camera (I should learn to keep it in the kitchen!) but he had gone. However, he came back. Seems there was something behind the fence, keeping him from permanently nipping round the back. He (she?) kept darting in and out, and then decided to just stop, and have a little lie down in the vegetable patch.

I apologise for the quality of the photos. My camera is acting up and I can't turn off the auto flash - not ideal when you're trying to take a picture through the window. This is from using my phone.

I love foxes. As a dog lover, to me, they are a particularly fine specimen of canine.

Eventually, after about 15 minutes, he scarpered. But he is (they are) welcome in my garden anytime!

Excellent film, by the way.

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