Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All Change

Neighbours moving in, neighbours moving out.

When we moved into this flat, the chap across the hall was an irregular visitor (lives with his girlfriend not too far away), upstairs there was a single woman, and across from her, another absentee owner, an empty flat.

4 years later, there are two small girls + partner (the handy builder man) upstairs, and Mark across the hall finally put his flat on the market and sold it. They haven't moved in yet, the new owners.

So upstairs, she decided (I'm pretty sure she made the decision) to move back to Northern Ireland, where she is originally from. Builder chap, Dom, well he's as London as they come. But he can get work anywhere and seems pretty equanimous about the decision. Even if there seem to be a few bombs about in that part of the world, again.

So, as we all have access to the garden, as it's shared, what is in store for me? Do I have new keen gardeners moving in? And my big question is, am I a garden hog? Do remember, the garden was a wasteland when I moved in. I mean, remember it looked like this, halfway through the digging out process

And what else did I do? Lay the lawn? Condition the soil? Put in some beautiful plants?

I wait to see. If they want the top, it's all theirs

to condition the soil (which to be honest is completely crap) and try to make something of a go of it. I'm sure it's possible, I'm just not willing. I have enough of a garden to contend with without worrying about up there. Frankly, we were just going to bark the whole part.

Let's see what they want.

Another question is, what sounds will replace what we have now, once they move out upstairs; they are lovely and nice people. We've had some nice times together, especially in the garden. But maybe, just maybe, I won't miss the jackboots of the 3-year old running up and down over our heads. And the baseball bat she likes to pound on the floor (or so it seems). She's a cute kid, but heck.

The latest news is, as of today, they've had an offer upstairs! Wow, that was quick! So another new neighbour to contend with (mind you, they have to come out the front and go down the side to get to the garden in the first place, not like me opening my kitchen door onto it ...).

I'm sure they'll all be nice. And lovely. And if they want to mess with my planting, well ....

And considering that moving to NI means shipping across the sea, will he want to take his wheelbarrow?

Because it sure is handy.

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