Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What's a girl to do?

When you have film premieres, theatre visits, after theatre drinks, red carpet events ...

Nah, there was just the one film premiere last night. A surreal experience. Thanks to the job that my lovely husband does, I went to a red carpet event. And managed not to trip up the carpet, or make a fool of myself - as they say here, I "scrub up" pretty well (that means, I can dress up without my wellies and jeans, my normal gardening attire).

I aqpologise for being absent, but believe me, I have been gardening. And I have lots to show you! Left border, vegetables, cleaning and clearing projects, all sorts. And I will be sharing with you soon! Not to mention the cats - oh the cats ...

Summer kitty. He loves the outdoors. Cats are wild.

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