Sunday, 6 June 2010

So in the end ...

I couldn't move it. By the time I came round to try and dig it out, the ground was very dry from the intense days of sunshine that graciously shone during my visit. I couldn't even get the fork in the ground, nor the spade.

So we trimmed it.

I mean, it's a little better, right? Not quite so monstrous. Okay, it's still pretty big

But it's not taking up a full third of the garden (and right in the middle, too). Sure, I'm a fan of hostas, always have been, but I've still never encountered one that grew quite this big.

And time always runs out. On this visit we acquired a Rhododenron, Clematis, Hydrangea (Endless Summer, allegedly hardy in Zone 5), Lantana, Pentas 'Grafitti Bright Red', Verbena (very pretty, pink and white), some Nicotiana. I managed to plant the first three, with help from the boys, during our Memorial Day barbeque (boy, that was good food).

I do hope the rest got in the ground safely. But you know what? To my mind, there is still more space to fill. But then a garden's never really "done", is it?


  1. Oh yes, just wanting to let you know that the rest of those plants you procured for the garden did get in. Mark put them all in, in fact :)