Thursday, 18 December 2008

Questionable idea

Well, I received something in the post today that I had ordered a few weeks ago, called a "Cat Flip".

In the interests of cat food hygiene, and to stop my kitchen (it can even permeate the flat) smelling like cat food, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I thought perhaps this would also save me throwing away dish after dish of cat food that sits there all day, hardly touched, and is nasty by the time I return home from work, or when he (Ginger boy) comes back in from prowling around outside, or when he gets up from his (all day) nap ... the list is endless and I have thrown away mounds of cat food by now.

Also, I am a complete sucker for gadgets like this.

This is the idea:

That's my foot, obviously, and not the cat's. It says on the box, "Cats quickly master the pedal action that flips the lid open and closed".

Oh yeah?

Or maybe, how about, cat doesn't master the flip action, the lid snaps shut and you have one freaked out and pissed off cat?

Ginger has not taken to it yet, and I have resorted to this

A packet of spaghetti to prop it open - I started with a potato there on the pedal, but that seemed to put him off, even though what food is in there is a favourite, so I looked for something long and flat.

I'm so tired of throwing away cat food.

Even Big Ginger (a regular visitor now) gave it a try - and he is one jumpy, shy little critter.

I know, it's hard to tell them apart, but I can.

They had a little conflab and a big old "meow" at me, like, "what do you think this is?"

Then they decided to scarper.

Ginger is of course back now - in and out, in and out when he can (when I'm here and the kitchen door is open - it's very temperate this evening), and now he's sitting at the table with me doing his kitty ablutions.

I bet if I put some bits of roast chicken, or beef, in the bowl they'd be on to it in no time. Those lucky kitties!

Still, the verdict is out on this one, and we'll see if it is consigned to the back of cupboard ...

It also says on the box, "can quickly separate the three sections" - I have a feeling I'll be doing that a lot!

In the meantime, I hope that you are enjoying the music - I found the Playlist function on Bren's blog (did I mention this before?) and in keeping with the season I have added my, possibly, two favourite Christmas songs of all time. Happy Holidays and all that!

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