Monday, 29 December 2008

Ginger's Christmas

Kitty had a Christmas present today.

Well, it is 12 whole days of Christmas, so presents can come at any time!

He had a look, and thought, hmmm...

Then he went for it.

Oh, yes. Catnip flavoured fun.

It hasn't stopped him going for the sofa in terms of a scratching post, but we're not too bothered about it. Kitty rules. I think he went for the sofa arm just to prove that this is his kingdom.

Mostly he comes in and sleeps, be it during the day, or overnight. Eats, of course.

I have altered the "special bowl" and taken away the flip-up mechanism; thankfully that came away easily. If you have a cat that is good at this, I would love to know. Step on the pedal, get your food, step away without freaking out.

I also altered the bowl itself for the lid to stand much more upright, and not be like a little kitty Sword of Damocles hanging over his ginger head while he tries to eat. Works much better now, and at least keeps his food fresh. I actually broke it in the process, meaning that I broke off some of the plastic that was making it hover too much, and now it just stands open nicely when I choose it to.

He's happy, I'm happy.

Happy Kitty Christmas!

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